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Press release: 150 Virtual-class Topics now Available in English 24/7

Virtual classes make it possible for learners to put their skills into practice in real-life communication situations.
Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France, April 16, 2013
TELL ME MORE announces 150 virtual-class topics in English available 24/7
TELL ME MORE, specialist in language training, now offers its clients the ideal complement to any training program: virtual classes. Mastery of the English language has become a key issue for today's companies and employees, and everyone is making numerous efforts in this area. TELL ME MORE is confident its virtual classes meet this need. They make it possible for learners to put their skills into practice in real-life communication situations.
Scheduled for busy employees
Due to heavy work commitments, managers have less and less time at their disposal to devote to training. TELL ME MORE responds to this constraint with virtual classes available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The length – 45 minutes for intercompany classes or 60 minutes for intracompany classes – is ideal and fits easily into busy work schedules. With a simple Internet connection, learners can participate in virtual classes without leaving their desk. The combination of virtual classes and work online reinforces learning and therefore provides an additional opportunity to succeed. Participants can also save the class and come back to it any time, with complete freedom to explore a particular issue in greater depth or review the session in its entirety.
Tailored for effective learning
An expert in language training for over 25 years, TELL ME MORE has opted for a form of training in which participants can take an active part and speak on a large number of subjects. TELL ME MORE offers more than 150 virtual-class topics dealing with specialized business activities and concerns (such as human resources, quality management, marketing, legal, and finance) as well as cross-cutting topics (such as Culture and Gastronomy, Participating in Meeting, Preparing the TOEIC, etc.). Each topic is offered more than once a week, with new topics featured every month.
Focused on intensive speaking practice
At TELL ME MORE, the average virtual-class size is four participants, which allows each person to take the floor more than once each session. It is important to remember that the instructor is always a native speaker in order to ensure full immersion. As they encounter the accents of their co-learners, participants interact in a truly international context. By enabling everyone to become less self-conscious, virtual-class learning experiences foster greater confidence and active self-expression.
Lower costs than traditional face-to-face classes
Besides the definite practical aspects and educational merits of virtual classes, the advantage for businesses lies in reducing costs. Along with this primary return on investment comes rapid, observable progress and greater ease in communicating in English.
TELL ME MORE provides innovative training solutions for language learning. The first in the world to apply speech-recognition technology to educational software, TELL ME MORE now offers its solution via Professional Training and Education portals. TELL ME MORE’s training relies on 26 years of experience using technology and related services to benefit schools, colleges, universities, individuals, and businesses. With TELL ME MORE, 8 million users from more than 6,000 organizations around the world improve their communication skills in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. Many organizations rely on TELL ME MORE to implement blended learning programs. The company employs 350 people in its branches in the United States, France, Germany, China, Spain, and Mexico.
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